PHP Cryptocurrency Client

Two winters ago as an exercise to get better at PHP, I started a web app that connected to cryptocurrency trading sites. Over the following months, directories sprawled across my projects folders as the project took different directions – trading, charting, arbitrage. PHP isn’t the most appropriate language to code trading robots in as it… Read More »

Steamed orange fennel mussels

I extemporaneously picked up some mussels at the grocery earlier today. Not having prepared mussels before but having much experience eating them, I read several recipes and found a recipe for orange fennel mussels that seemed rife to riff upon: 1 tblsp canola oil 1/2 yellow onion (1/3 cup, diced) Zest of 1 orange (1/2… Read More »

Free money!

I bought some Dogecoins a few weeks ago and they lost 20% of their value pretty quickly. But I’ve had enormous fun wheeling and dealing in currencies on the CoinEx and Cryptsy currency exchanges. Many of the currencies are worth tiny fractions of a US penny each which allows you to buy and sell tens… Read More »

Home-brewed apple cider

After five or six brews, I produced a batch of apple cider that’s not just very drinkable but very good. The juice was pressed by a hobbyist in Victoria, MN and is mostly Honeycrisp with some McIntosh and Haralson. Part of the trick was being patient – the apples were pressed September 18 and the… Read More »